Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not your "Typical" I'm Thankful for list..

Saw this on another blog (McMommy) and wanted to give it a whirl...

1) Jim Carrey in The Grinch!

2) Silly Dancing and those who are brave enough to do it in the middle of Old Navy so I don't have to and so we can be entertained while working!!

3) My wonderful iPhone!

4) Frosted Windows - so dreamy!

5) My awesome rain boots that helped me trek through the ice/snow/frozen slush while taking pics today. (YEP IT SNOWED ON THANKSGIVING HERE!! OUR FIRST THANKSGIVING IN MO!!!)

6)Chapstick as my lips stay incredible chapped these days

7)Hot Chocolate!

Ok now for a more serious Thankful list:

1)Amazing Heavenly Father

2)Amazing Husband

3)Loving and Supportive Family and Friends

4)Our Job

5)The school Semester is coming to an end

6)Salvation, Forgiveness, Faith, Love, Hope, & Joy

We have had a great Thanksgiving Day full of Joy, Fun, Food, Ice/Snow, and Love...Thank YOU Heavenly Father for all of it!

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