Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentiens 2010

Early in our relationship I decided that I would like to turn Valentine's into a holiday that I do for my hubby.

I wanted to do this for a few reasons:

1) Hubby takes care of our anniversary, & my birthday

2) I do NOT like the traditional V-day; I prefer thoughtful gifts vs. chocolates and flowers like everyone gets on that day. I like flowers when I least expect, they mean more that way!

Anyway so I have been thinking for months about what I wanted to do for my wonderful hubby.


We decided to do it on Saturday instead of Monday as hubby is working an overnight that night and I don't get finished with my day until around 4:00pm. So Saturday it was!!

My plan was thwarted a bit because I got really sick Friday night and allowed myself to sleep in a good bit on Saturday (I cannot remember the last time I felt so bad, it was terrible!). I did not get the house as clean as I had wanted but I did get it picked up at least. Ok so on to the date...

I picked Hubby up from work @ 5:00 and we headed home to shower and get ready for dinner.

Dinner: I took him to Chili's! Several reasons...I had a coupon for FREE Chips and Queso(Chili's Chips and Salsa are His FAVORITE!!) and he had been wanting to go to Chili's for a while to try their black bean burger and it is budget friendly!

So off to dinner we went. We thought the wait would be close to an hour but ended up getting a seat in the bar area (which now is NO SMOKING!!) and that is where I really wanted to sit anyway because they have TV's. This was my hubby's Man Date and I wanted him to get to watch sports while he enjoyed his dinner.

The chips and queso were awesome and did I mention FREE!!! I ordered Sirloin and potatoes and Hubby ended up getting the Buffalo Chicken Fajitas!! It was a great dinner and we both ate too much!! (We are not used to eating portion sizes that big lately!)

Next we headed to Best Buy. I wanted my Favorite to get to take in all of the big screen TV and such. We enjoy just going and walking around places like that. We had so much fun at Best Buy as we set of many alarms (the first was not intentional and the second...well it was partially not intentional) but it was hilarious and we had fun!!

Then we headed home for more FAVORITES for my FAVORITE!

I sent hubby to the bedroom to get in comfy clothes while I set up his surprise in the living room. Hubby spent the evening soaking his feet, drinking coke out of a glass bottle, and watching NCIS season two, and later I made him a snack tray out of some of his favorite things (Chips, Cheddar cheese, & jalapeno - baked & Beef jerky on the side!!).

After his feet soaked a while I gave him a good foot massage, which he greatly enjoyed!! Who doesn't love foot massages!!!

It turned out to be a really great evening and I think he felt Favored and Loved!!!

It felt so good to have him enjoy all of his favorite things and get to sit back and relax and enjoy being loved on!! I had a great time pulling it all together for him!!!!

I am blessed by him all the time and I enjoyed blessing him...MY FAVORITE, MY VALENTINE!!

Father, I am truly thankful to You for sharing such a wonderful man with me!! I am excited by all the things that You are doing in our life and I am excited for the future ahead!!


I woke up this morning to a Super Sweet card from my wonderful hubby this morning! It was so beautiful and so sweet and so unexpected!! Hubby picked it up when he got off work at 4:00am this morning!! Love that man!!! It made my day and I intend to read it again and again :)

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Cait said...

aww great post girl and i def agree with you when making valentines day special, and doing FAVORITE things ;) it makes it more meaningful