Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Date Day :-)

Hubby and I had a Date Day today. I just LOVE making memories with this man!! Hubby planned it on his own and kept it all a surprise...I love when he does that!! Today was perfect timing for several reasons...

1. I have been moody lately and have ruined our last two attempts at having some fun together.

2. Hubby starts his first day of class today and I start back in three weeks.

3. As a stay at home wife I don't get out of the house quite as much as I used to so it was nice just to be out.

Enjoy some pictures from our day.

It was a very fun day and now Hubby is in his first class at Bible College!! I am beyond excited and happy!! It feels like a beautiful beginning and like my dreams are coming true before my eyes!

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andrea said...

that's quite the perfect day! i love it when they go out of their way to show us love! i love your heart!!!