Monday, August 08, 2011

Precious Messages...

This morning I woke early...around Five am.

I began thinking about my precious mother in law. We just miss her so so much.

I looked the facebook messages that we shared. I had forgotten just how much she really loved me. As I read through those messages I was once again blessed entirely. I felt connected to her once again.

I remembered when she shared with me the song she wanted to dance to with Hubby at the reception. She called herself my “New Mom”. Which told me that she just pulled me right into the family with no hesitation.

I remembered how strong and encouraging she was when the cancer came back and how glad she was that Seth had me to help him through. I was glad too. She would tell me what she needed me to pray for most and I would pray specifically for those things.

I sent her a pink fluffy house coat and some bible verses and she thanked me for them and said she was going to take the bible verses to every treatment. It was nice to get to do something to bless her.

She encouraged me one time when I was having a rough time...”Take it from me LIFE is to short to dwell on bad thoughts So have faith in the good ones and in the Lord God Almighty and the bad ones don't seem so bad Love you MOM.” Yes this was her encouragement to me in the middle of her battling cancer. She was so amazing.

I was reminded when she took me to the Mardi Gras parade. The first one I had ever been too. It was cold but she took us anyway and made sure we had a great time. She was precious. I miss her.

She checked on me after I passed out while running and told me not take care of myself and not to push it.

When work got really really bad she said...”it will all come together , stressing will not do u no good, you are a good person and things will come to u in 3 fold, faith and prayer my daughter is what it takes you”

On our first anniversary she said...”. I know this year has really passed us by...But it seems that you have been apart of us for a looooong time...I am so very thankful for you and all you do for my son... I cant imagine life with out you...I love you...MOM” And I couldn't imagine my life without her, but now we have to and it makes me so sad.

I took so much for granted even when she got sick and we tried so hard not to take anything for granted. I miss her so much. It was wonderful to read through the messages and remember the connection that we did have. It felt so good to feel connected to her again.

Thank you Father for letting me find these messages. I cherish them.

I am planning to print out these messages so that I can read them and remember her and feel connected with her and share her love with our children one day.


Lindsey said...

Aww this is so sweet!

Jamie said...

This made me choke up. I know I also take things for granted. I think you were entirely blessed to have had such an amazing MIL!

Tabbie:) said...

Thanks Lindsey.

Jamie, I sure was blessed and I miss her so much. But I am incredibly thankful to have such beautiful memories of her.