Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HIS Protection

I am recognizing God's hand of protection in my life right now, where as I could not recognize it previously.  I am thankful.  I know that He knows so much better than me the things that are best and that I do not always get to understand the whys usually.  He, however, has a plan for everything and as I continue to learn to trust Him he continues to be faithful even when I do not understand. What a great great Father!!  

In a particular situation where I have given my heart in new ways that I never expected to give, God is protecting me and up until now I did not understand certain things.  I see just a bit more clearly and God get's the glory for that.

God gets the glory for allowing me to give my heart in such a way, God gets the glory for His protection in my life, God gets the glory for the bit of understanding that my heart experienced these past few days, God gets ALL of the Glory!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Happy Two Year Anniversary to my Hubby!!

I thought I would take you all on a quick two year journey!! Enjoy!!

Wedding Day! October 17th 2009.

 Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Trotter!!
 We moved to Missouri
 Big Move
 Studying Begins
 Here to Study about God
 FIRST Anniversary
 We celebrated ONE Year

We jumped into Ministry:
Bobby Rockit
 Girls lost
 Marshall the Martian
 Boys lost
 We have LOVED each other through it all!!

I am beyond blessed to have this man as my Husband!!  I give all Glory to God for this journey we are on!! God is so faithful and has brought us through a lot already!!  We are trusting HIM completely for our future!! These past two years have been adventurous and wonderful, scary and hard, but I would not trade this life or this journey with my God and my Husband for anything!!!  I am more in love with both my God and my Husband than ever before!! God is Good!!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband!!  You still make me feel like I felt in this picture!!!  I love you with all of my heart and I believe in you like I have never believed in anyone before!!  I am honored to share this journey with you!! You make my live wonderful!! You are truly a wonderful Hubby!! I am so thankful for you everyday!!  Thank You Heavenly Father for sharing this man with me!!  I pray that we honor YOU in all we do!! Continue to lead us and guide us on this journey of love!!  We trust YOU and we will follow You!!  

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Who you are is wonderful..

This statement helped change my life.

Now I tell others so that they can experience that same kind of change in their life.

This is real and true.  The bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  

Does God make mistakes?  No.  Then believing less about ourselves is telling God that He is a liar and that what He made is not good.  Being Less Than This is turning your back on God and what He created you to be.  Ouch Right!!  

This is an Ouch WE NEED!!  Who are we to tell our Creator that we are less than this or not enough of that or not good enough here or there.  Who are we to give up and throw our hands in the air and decide we just can't because we are not good enough.

I believe that I am Wonderful because someone told me this consistently and would not let me believe otherwise. 

Now I long to challenge others in that very same way.

I believe that WE ARE ALL fearfully and wonderfully made.  Not just a few of us or those that we look at and think that they are so much better than us here or there or I'm not outgoing like her, or pretty like her, or I can't sing like her, or I don't parent like her.  YOU ARE RIGHT YOU AREN'T AND YOU DON'T - BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT MADE TO BE HER!  


Who YOU are is wonderful.
Who you are IS wonderful.
Who you are is WONDERFUL.

Listen to me ladies.  Comparing is dangerous and it robs us of what we have to offer and share with the world.  It also robs those around us of what we have to offer and share, of what they could learn from us.  

This is so strong on my heart today.  Men and Women alike...WHO YOU ARE IS WONDERFUL.

I tell my husband this all of the time.  I believe this about him to my core.  I will tell my children this all of the time because I want them to reach their full potential.  I tell this to those that I minister to as well because this was told to me and IT CHANGED MY LIFE.  Because I began to believe it and live it.  Not that I live it every single day, but I live it more now than I did before and I hope to live it more tomorrow than I did yesterday.

Readers I will leave you with this...


Psalm 139:14

New International Version (NIV)

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful,
   I know that full well.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Favs for October

October is my very favorite month...so here are some of my favs about my fav month!

<3 It's the beginning of Fall
<3 Weather is perfect
<3 It's our anniversary month
<3 Pumpkins
<3 Beautiful trees
<3 Bike riding
<3 Fall scented candles
<3 Oranges, reds, & golds
<3 Hot Tea
<3 Long sleeves
<3 Hoodies
<3 Leaves on the ground
<3 Doors & Windows open
<3 Pumpkin Spice coffees
<3 Pumpkin cupcakes
<3 Chili
<3 Alabama Football
<3 Fall festivals
<3 Leggins
<3 Clogs
<3 Scarves
<3 Jackets
<3 Hot Apple Cider
<3 Pumpkins
<3 Decorating Pumpkins
<3 Nostalgia
<3 Getting pumped up for Christmas
<3 & BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH (Ladies get checked!! I want LESS cancer and MORE birthdays!!)