Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Random Things

I really enjoy jotting down just random things about me and whatever random thing floats through my mind - so this will be one of those fun random list blogs - enjoy!

one of my very favorite things to do is give blood

i give blood every 8 weeks - unless i visit a malaria infected country

i'm going to thailand the first of may

i love black and white pictures

my face looks so much better when i am tan

i wear less make up in the summer

god has increased my faith greatly

i am looking forward to tonights episode of american idol - its idol gives back

i love to watch movies or tv shows that make me cry

i wont cry in front of just anybody

i love to worship

i love to do object lessons that teach kids about god

i can no longer say i have never been pied

my passport is completed and in the mail to me - thats so exciting

i love to see pictures of myself in happy moments - its a good reminder of how good God is and that i now have a safe and happy life in Him

i love childrens church

i love all my kids at church - i love spending time hanging out with them - they truly just pull at my heart strings

i have the most amazing Neesie ever - she is my best friend, my god mom, my biggest fan, my biggest supporter - & she puts up with me and still loves me anyway - she is well - absolutely amazing

i am standing in a new place with God

i can not wait to get to church tonight

i love journals

i love to color

i love to watch tv or movies

i love to sing at the top of my lungs when i am by myself

i love to minister to others - i love it with all of my heart

i will love you even if you hurt me greatly - that doesnt mean i will like you

i love to be greeted

i love when the kids run up and hug me

i love kids crusades and the teams that god puts together & hanging out together

i love getting pedicures with my neesie and eating at panera bread

i love to go to the lake when things are calm and peaceful

i love when god talks to me

i want my future husband to be one who worships without reserve

i love that my mom prayed for me to get to go to thailand

i love to write

i love my tater - he makes my heart smile

well i could go on and on cause it so fun for me - but ill stop now - enjoy my randomness or not so randomness

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