Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes HE does

None will ever be able to convince me that God does not care about the details of our life. He does. He has worked out EVERY little detail of this trip to Thailand, and ladies I mean EVERY little detail(ahem). The last little thing I was concerned about will be done and over with by the middle of next week.

God cares about EVERY little detail and He wants to take care of those details. He is a personal God who knows every hair on our head. He wants to be a part of EVERYTHING in our lives. So if you have something that you thing is too small or insignificant to bring before the Lord, hesitate NO LONGER, be assured that God cares about even that and bring it before Him in Faith that He wants to take care of it and CAN and WILL take care of it.

God is so good and He is working and moving. Allow Him to move in your life and you will be amazed at all He does.

Happy Thursday!!

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