Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm 28....

Oh what joys birthdays bring!

Today I turned 28, it's so hard to think that I am actually 28 years old. I don't feel 28 years old and I don't look 28 years old, but indeed I am 28 years old.
(Ha I was hoping that would get easier to hear and say by typing it that many times...NOPE...ha)

It has been a great birthday!!

Last Friday I celebrated with my family, my brother and I had a family party together. I love that.

Today I had lunch with my God mom - yummy Italian food outside in on the deck overlooking the city. It was fantastic. She gave me a beautiful green shirt. I have been wanting a green shirt for quite sometime now and Now I Have One!! I am so excited!! I think it is going to be Beautiful, I plan to wear it on Sunday!

When I got home I found a dress that I saw the other day and just went Ga Ga over, it was hanging right as you walk in the front door, and I found a movie that I have been wanting to see waiting for me to watch it. From Mr. Wonderful! Aaaww Yay!! I love the dress, it's navy blue and looks great with my tanning skin and copper mirrored flip flops. I plan to wear it tomorrow night when Mr. Wonderful takes me out on a date for my birthday.

Tonight my mom is cooking spagetti at my request. Yes more pasta. I may turn into a big ole Noodle before all the birthday celebrations are over.

I have gotten lots of calls, texts, emails, and even a shout out on my friend Lindsey's blog wishing me a Happy Birthday!!!

And I even had a meeting this morning with a staffing agency that went well. It has been a great birthday.

I was reflecting this afternoon on my birthday.
I just began to think about all that has transpired in the last 10 years of my life.
* 10 years ago today I was getting ready for my senior prom. Not a great night actually.
* 9 years ago today I started working at my last job, where I was just layed off.
* 8 years ago - well that wasn't a great year for me.
* 7 years ago I turned my life completely over to the Lord and gave up all my foolish ways.
* 6 years ago I was just LOVIN the Lord.
* 5 years ago I had my very first surprise birthday party at the church surrounded by all my wonerful new family and friends.
* 4 years ago my family took me to see the Blue Angels for my birthday.
* 3 years ago I had a lovely birthday at the lake.
* 2 years ago I had a lovely birhtday at the lake.
* 1 year ago I had a lovely birthday at the lake and Mr. Wonderful was there though at that time we were just friends(but we knew we were meant for each other).
* Today I had a lovely party with my family(last week), a lovely lunch with my God mom, and will have a lovely dinner with my mom, and Mr. Wonderful - the one I waited for all my life - will be taking me on a date for my birthday. Amazing - remember until June of last year I had not dated in 7 years.

God is good and every year with Him gets better and better. He has saved me, changed me, called me, given me an incredible family, brought me my future husband, saved my mother, and countless other things that are just too many to name.

My God is an AWESOME God - truly!

Today I am just so thankful for all He has done in my life these past 7 years.


The Hairston's said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Kelsey said...

Happy birthday!!

C said...

Happy Birthday girl!! I'm so happy for all the good decisions you've made over the past few years!!

JMBMOMMY said...

Ahh...Happy Birthday sweet lady! You deserve it! Love the reflections...

Lindsey said...

YAYAYA so glad you had a great birthday! And the interview went well, yay!!!=)
Happy birthday dear friend, I'm glad it was as fabulous as you are!!

Paige said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like you've had a wonderful birthday season. My dear hubby turns 28 next month, so don't worry; 28 is nothin'! :) You're still gloriously young and fabulous.