Monday, September 06, 2010

Almost Fall Picture Update...

These pictures are in no order thanks to how much blogger stinks when adding pictures...

Tater got to go outside with Daddy.
He was wild eyed.
Sniffing around on the balcony.
What I'm studying.
He wanted to go outside so bad.
Daddy peeaaassseee pick me up.
Gettin some Daddy lovin.
My boys.
Our lil family.
Football season is here.
My Alabama man!
Back to football shirt for work.
My brother and me.
Me with my glasses on. I have really needed them with all of the reading lately.
My precious boys. I love them.

We love the weather lately and love that football season has started. Fall is well on it's way.
We had the most relaxing Labor Day! It was much much needed!!

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