Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Randoms

>I like working mornings rather than nights on Saturdays.

>I love fall Saturdays with family at the house for football.

>God directly answered a prayer for me today at work: I needed an ONC (to get a customer to apply for an Old Navy Credit card) and said a quick prayer and a lady walked up to the counter and asked ME if she could apply for one.

>I have some pretty major struggles in my life right now

>I'm not a fan of study guides yet

>I love when my hubby grill's, it smells divine

>I love when we can open the glass door and Tater sits and just stares out, he's so cute

>I love my new iPhone

>I love the few Fall decorations I have, they make me happy

>I was just informed that Kraft Mac and Cheese is indeed a vegetable

>I still love my engagement ring but really want a new wedding band, I did not pick out one I love. I'm hoping to get a new one for our fifth anniversary.

>Our one year anniversary is coming up soon and I am very excited. We are going on a couples retreat with our church and then we will be at home the day of our anniversary to spend it together.

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