Thursday, September 09, 2010


God is so good and is just doing so much in me lately. Through the hustle and bustle of life God is so sweet and so good and so faithful.

I stand in absolute awe of all He is and all He is doing.

Just drawing me closer and teaching me and showing me new things. Through my classes and chapel and the relationships I have.

Really it all boils down to...I want more of Jesus and I want to be more like Jesus and I want to take full advantage of this time of preparation. I desire to be a sponge and soak EVERYTHING up. I know that this time in our lives will go all too quickly and before we know it we will be looking back and wondering just where the time went.

We feel that way now as we look back over this last year...YEAR...yes it has already been a year...of marriage. We are so surprised at how quickly the time passed. We are also just amazed at all that God has done in this first year of our marriage. It has truly been a wonderful year. There have been some hard moments but mostly it has been truly wonderful.

As we get ready to take on another year I can't help but be excited to see what God has in store for us. I just want to continue to be in His will and to seek Him and to run after Him with all that we are and I know that as we do that everything else will be added to us.

All I can really say is GOD IS SO GOOD. He gets the glory for all of this. We would NOT be where we are today without HIM!! God is Faithful and caring and loving and forgiving and I am so Thankful to be called a child of God.

So as the rain pours down outside, God's rain is pouring out in me and I am soaking it up!!

Father let it rain and may I receive all that you have for me and may I be a good steward of all that you give. Work as only YOU can work and Thank YOU for the work you are doing and have already done. I Jesus' precious name. Amen.

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