Friday, July 29, 2011


I don't love to be popular, because popularity last only as long as the one we love is pleased. We can't always please them especially when loving them selflessly.

Today I felt first hand what it feels like to do what you feel is right based out of love and it not be popular. Today I felt the hurt as the decision I made also caused temporary hurt in someone I love so dearly. Today I fell from popularity. I believe I am getting a taste of what it is going to be like to be a parent.

Those we love do not and cannot always understand why we do the things we do out of love. But it sure does hurt to the core to all of a sudden be the bad guy and the cause of their hurt.

However I do NOT love in order to be popular. I love because it is what I am called to do and by loving that means that I am thinking of the BEST interest of the person I love. The decision I made today I feel is based out of the best interest of the person I love. It caused her hurt toward me as she doesn't fully understand and I quickly became the bad guy and the unpopular one and she quickly began to replace me. Yes that hurts. Hurts so so bad.

But I will stand in my decision because I feel like it is the best thing and the healthy thing. I will stand here even though it hurts and even though I want to please and even though it feels good to be popular. I am not here to be popular or to please I am here to love and that is what I shall do.

Father I am trusting You. I know I cannot trust myself and or the other person to make the best decision but I/we can trust YOU. I feel like YOU are with me in this decision even though it is a had decision. I am choosing right now to refuse the enemies lies and attacks and to STAND on YOUR TRUTH!! I trust in YOU and I believe that you have a purpose and a plan and that YOU Father are in control!! I have asked for your wisdom and you have given me your Word to stand on as well!!

Father I give this entirely over to YOU!! In Jesus name. Amen!!

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andrea said...

i can relate to your pain!...i just emailed you in case you didn't recognize the addy