Sunday, July 03, 2011

Week Review 6/26/11-7/2/11:

Sunday: We said bye to my mom, had breakfast with my parents, church at New Life, saw our friends new house and hit the road to home.

Monday: Hubby went back to work and I don't even remember what I did.

Tuesday: We began talk of me not going back to work. Hubby worked. I worked at the church planning for Sunday services.

Wednesday: I cleaned the house and made dinner, Hubby worked, We spent our evening at church loving on kiddos, hubby went over the finances and decided that we would give me not working a try.

Thursday: My first official day as a stay at home wife, I rode the scooter by myself to our pastor's house, worked on more planning for Sunday's BGMC service, I cleaned, cooked, and worked on stuff for Sunday's service, Hubby worked. I also started getting sick that afternoon.

Friday: I was sick, but I cleaned and made dinner, Hubby worked, I went to bed early.

Saturday: I was sick all day and layed on the couch and slept most of the day, Hubby worked (love that hard workin man!!), when Hubby got home we grilled steaks while I prepared sides and we had a feast of steaks, real mashed potatoes, pasta salad, garlic bread, and sweet tea. We spent the evening watching TV and reading. I went to bed early. Hubby started getting sick.

This has been a very productive week. I have enjoyed my time at home cleaning and cooking and paying bills. I am going to work hard during this season of my life to incorporate good routines and changes in my life. I am more than thankful for this opportunity to be a stay at home wife. I love making sure the house is clean when my hard working Husband comes home and I love making dinner for him. So far I have done very well keeping up with the house and laundry and I have enjoyed doing it. I hope I continue to enjoy it for a long long time!!

I am proud of my Husband for being the hard working, godly man that he is. I am prouder than words can say of who he is and all he does. He is a wonderful husband and I am beyond blessed...I am quite blown away actually.

We continue to take things one day at a time since loosing his mom. We stay in touch with his siblings loving them through this difficult time. We still love and miss her very much.

Hubby is doing GREAT at his job (never doubted), though he finds it a bit more boring than his last position as he doesn't get to do as much when he is leading the team. I think he is and is going to continue to be a wonderful and balanced leader and touch lives at Old Navy. I am planning to stop by next week to have lunch with him and visit the friends that I miss!!

This coming week I will begin working on our next lesson for Kid's Church as well as continuing planning with Pastor Lori for camp (which is the week after) and I will begin my binder for a class that I will take Independent Study next semester. I hope to actually finish the binder before the semester starts and work on tweaking it through out the semester. I am actually excited to get started as the goal is to plan an entire year of children's ministry and this will actually be fun for me and very very beneficial for our ministry!!! We are getting closer everyday!!


andrea said...

wow that sounds so exciting despite in the midst of heart-ache! I love your passion and heart of sharing God's love to everyone in you and your hubby's path! blessings!

Lindsey said...

You are busy! It was great catching up and seeing how you're doing friend. Miss you!