Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stopping to Thank...

...My Heavenly Father...

Thank you Heavenly Father...

for you infinite Love and Faithfulness

for my wonderful supportive and hard working husband

for the relationship and connection with my precious sister in law who is facing the hardest time of her life

for this opportunity to be at Bible College to learn more about YOU and ministry

for the opportunities to do ministry while we are here

for the friendships that are lasting and for those that are just beginning

for our family who loves and supports us so much even though it is so hard for them to have us so far away

for the promises and plans that you have for us

that we can count on you no matter what

for your Word that is water for our souls

for continually speaking into our lives and pushing us to be better and better

for being willing to use us just as we are

for providing for us always

for the sunshine and the rain in our lives

for subtle reminders when I need them most

Thank You Heavenly Father for so much more than I could ever put in this post. Thank You from my heart! I love you and am so thankful and in awe of YOU.


andrea said...

i LOVE making lists like this about our Father!!! so true...somehow writing it down just brings so much comfort to my soul! thanks for sharing! have you read the read i believe it's called "1000 gifts"? or maybe that's the subtitle..that was my goal this write my 1000 gifts from our Father. His love is the big and the small things...He cares so deeply for us! :)

Jamie said...

I love that you're my friend, because you make lists like this that make me praise God and cry at the same time.

Tabbie:) said...

Andrea - Thank you! I have not read your list yet...but I am on my way!!!

Jamie - I love that you are my friend too!! Your comment just made my day!! Love you!!