Saturday, December 22, 2012

A perfect peaceful day

It was such a perfect peaceful day today!
I had coffee with my best friend this morning which just fills my heart!
I then cleaned my lil house! There is just something do calming and peaceful about a clean house!
Then I sat and soaked up the peace with the Christmas tree on and the afternoon sun streaming through the window! Ah peaceful indeed!
Then it was on to a wonderful afternoon nap! Oh how I love naps so much!
Hubby and I then went and set up for out kids Christmas party in the morning!! It's gonna be so fun!
Then my sweet, wonderful, thoughtful hubby stopped and bought us hot chocolate and we set off to see Christmas lights! It was so peaceful and sweet and fun! I absolutely cherish time together like that!
I am just so in love with my hubby and I love how are life is unfolding!

I am thankful for such a peaceful and wonderful day!

Merry Christmas!

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