Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking forward to 2013

So in the New Year I would really love to get back to blogging and keeping a record of life and thoughts and such. I hope I can pull this off!

I can't believe that it is already Christmas and that a New Year is upon us again. How time does fly!  I still find it quite unbelievable how amazing life is and how much God has done. Everytime I think about it I am truly blown away.

This past year has been so wonderful, we have been working on finishing up school and we have been loving walking daily in our calling as Children's Pastors.

We have learned so much this year and we have just fallen more in love with God!

We have built some truly amazing friendships and we are so thankful for the wonderful people that God has so graciously placed in our lives.

We just have been so abundantly blessed it is mind blowing!

I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for 2013! I am ready to love people bigger than ever before and minister in any and every single way I can!

Currently I am gearing up for our second annual Girls Only/Friends retreat in March. Last year was so incredible and I cannot wait to see what God does in these girl' lives this year. We are going to be talking about leadership from the inside out. I am also gearing up for Kids Camp in July. Last year we were able to guage where our kids stood and it is sad to say but we were heart broken with the way our kids responded at camp. We did not expect the lack of response we saw. So we go in 2013 better informed on how to better prepare them for camp. I have a plan in place to begin teaching them about the fundamentals and the basics of loving and responding to God. We are going to continue to teach them and encourage them in worship. We are encouraged in that area as we spent all year working with them and we are taking that learning a step further in the new year as well. We are currently up to about a handful of kids who worship completely and it is such a BEAUTIFUL sight indeed.

I know that God has a great plan for these kids and I am so honored to be a part of their journey toward what He has for them. My heart is to teach them and prepare them to be able to recieve everything from Him that He has for them. It is a long journey but I am excited about what lies ahead. I can't wait for the New Year to start so that we can get started teaching them the things that they so desperately need to know! Ahhh!! I really cannot wait! I love them so much!!

It truly is such an honor to get to love and minister to God's people of all ages! I love ministering to our kiddos every week and I love ministering to the youth and I love ministering to adults as well! Oh how I love loving people! I am so blessed to have a Hubby journeying alongside me who loves to love people too!

How blessed we are indeed!

Merry Christmas!

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