Monday, January 25, 2010

I want... be warm
...more of YOU Jesus, more of YOUR face, more of YOUR glory in this place spend my life ministering to children and watching God's faithfulness
...a Peace that transcends All understanding see the Spirit move like it did on Sunday EVERY Sunday & for lives to continue to be changed learn be a better me be saturated in the Father's presence
...the weekends to be LONGER get started
...2010 to be a truly Wonderful year have a fireplace clip coupons
...chocolate chip pancakes be rid of headaches FOREVER be skinny
...spring to arrive bless want less sleep in

Father, You are so faithful and I am so undeserving. Thank you Father for your faithfulness, love, forgiveness, hope, strength, life, call, miracles, healing, Word, confidence, Peace, and for being the most incredible thing to ever happen to me. Thank you for rescuing me from the pit and that you are not through rescuing me yet. Thank you for all that is to come. I love you Heavenly Father and I am thankful to you and for you. I am in awe of you. I desire more of you and to be more like you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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