Saturday, January 09, 2010



This week another piece of the puzzle that we call Life fell into place.

The news I received brought an incredible excitement with it. Not news I would have ever before been excited about. God brought about this excitement in me, as Only He could have in His timing.

Many have tried to build that excitement in me and steer me in a certain direction for many many years but I couldn't see it or accept it. No, it would be Only in the Father's timing that I would not only accept this new direction but embrace it Completely and feel this kind of excitement.

Excitement of knowing God has a plan and a purpose, and of getting to see a glimpse of the bigger picture and then to watch as the pieces fall one by one into place.

I don't mean to leave you in such great suspense. I am just not yet ready to reveal it all...not just now...not just yet. But soon.

I am however almost as excited about the next several months and years as I was about marrying Mr. Wonderful. I am excited that we together are about to embark on the journey, the Life...that is - God's plan.

God's plan IS for Mr. Wonderful and I to do this together, and I did not see that or understand that before, I couldn't for Only God knew. I only knew that I couldn't make myself go in the direction that many thought I should.

I wondered many times if my heart simply was not open enough, or if I was just too controlling to really allow God's plan. But I just never had peace when thinking about it like I do now.

Not that the peace came over night. No, like may other things it came piece by piece or rather Peace by Peace as God allowed and as He revealed.

I while single was so incredibly blessed to get to do many great things and never let being single stop me from doing anything God was calling me to do. I loved loved loved loved my time just God and me. I lived Life to the fullest.

However, there was always a desire to be married and to build a family and walk this journey with another...together. God knows the desires of our hearts and He knows the plans He has for us. And our Heavenly Father is patient and faithful. I am thankful for his patience and faithfulness.

I know that our Heavenly Father brought Mr. Wonderful and I together for such a time as this and for such times as Life brings to us.

I am excited and I cannot wait to walk this journey called Life...together.

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