Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Solution to Traffic Hatred

Ok so since getting a new job in June that I spend two hours of my day commuting to in HORRIBLE RIDICULOUS traffic, I have developed a very deep HATRED for traffic. ANY TRAFFIC!!!

**edit...when I say I spend two hours of my day commuting I don't mean at one time, that is the total. It's an hour there and an hour home. Just to clarify. **

However just before Christmas I came up with a plan to hopefully help with my traffic issues.

I asked for a book on CD to listen to while driving in said HORRIBLE TRAFFIC. My commute home was seriously stressing me out SO bad!!!

So I am happy to report that I now LOVE LOVE LOVE traffic. Why? Because it gives me time to listen to my book!! I am absolutely addicted!!! So addicted that I have almost finished my first book already.

I was completely panicking about this until I came home today and my WONDERFUL husband told me that he had already ordered me another book on CD that is the sequel to the one I am about to complete!!

I am so excited and my traffic hatred has been completely solved!!!

So if you have a traffic filled commute, I highly recommend books on CD, preferably by your favorite authors!! (Ladies, I recommend Karen Kingsbury or Kristen Billerbeck for Christian Chick Lit)

A big Thank You to my WONDERFUL hubby for getting me the first book on CD for Christmas and for being so wonderful and ordering me another already. I can't wait to continue the series!!

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Lindsey said...

Wow you have a 2 hour commute! What a great idea to listen to books though.;)