Friday, July 23, 2010


In my life there are two different types of friends:

Those who need my strength

Those who are strong Godly women who are not afraid of my weaknesses

I have many of the first and few of the latter.

Those in the first category are seemingly drawn to me. Honestly I don’t mind, now that I understand. I used to think that those in the first category were friend friends and would pour my heart out to them only to get a blank stare or change of subject in return. I quickly learned the difference and now can adjust accordingly. It used to hurt terribly to find out that someone I thought was a friend really just was not able be my friend. Now I understand that some are just drawn to my strength and I believe that is something that God has trusted me with. I don’t want to take that for granted or ignore it. Honestly sometimes I would like to ignore it, but when I think about it, I believe it is something that God has trusted me with as a minister. And even though I am not yet a paid minister I am a minister. It’s why my heart beats. Therefore as a minister I don’t want to ignore something that God has trusted me with and when those that are drawn to me come along I want to pour out into them all I can. I am however, thankful for the ability to distinguish between the two so that I don’t find myself hanging out on a limb with no one who is able to pull be back or help me gently to the ground. It’s hard for both in that situation.

Therefore I am COMPLETELY thankful for the few friends that I have that fall into the second category. I prayed for just one friend like this and God sent me more than one. They are strong Godly women. Not strong all of the time but always able to see my need and not run from it. No they may not always have the right thing to say or do but at least they are not scared of my weakness. They challenge me to do better when I am being ridiculous; they challenge me to be better just by being who they are. They trust me with their weaknesses and rely on my strength as well. They have faith and challenge my faith when I am lacking. They allow me to challenge them when they need to be challenged. They pray with and for me and me for them. We share deep things of God and life and not so deep things. They seek after God and I am so thankful that He shares them with me. We don’t have to talk all the time but we are there when we are needed. Sometimes the conversations are just fun and not deep at all. They are easy and fun and we just get each other and give grace to each other and love each other. I know that having more than one friend like this is truly a blessing and I am truly Blessed to have them.

I know that lifelong friends don’t come along everyday and I am thankful for the ones that God has brought into my life. I would not be the same today without them. I am also thankful for those that God brings into my life for me to pour out into, what an honor and privilege it is to give whatever I can to those who need it. I hope that they are not the same because I was willing to be used by God to pour out into their lives.

Thank you Father for friends of all shapes and sizes, you have truly blessed me with some of the most incredible women of God, even from the beginning of my walk with you. From those who have walked with me through the toughest roads of my life and loved me all the way through the deepest healing and who still walk with me and support me now. To those who come and go as they need but still bless me along the way as well. Father you are the writer of these stories and I pray that You are glorified in each one. I pray that I am as giving of a friend to my friends as they are to me. I pray this with all my heart. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Jamie said...

I can definitely understand why people would be drawn to your strength, Tabbie. And I'm sure that people who don't know the Lord as intimately as you do, are drawn to Him in you.