Friday, July 09, 2010

More Randoms

Mr. Wonderful and I have not slept well since our move up north. I can remember back home that I could not wait for bed time. I had to make myself stay up. The bed seemed so much more comfortable and inviting then too. I know our sleep schedule is WAY off from what it was at home when we worked regular 8-5 jobs. Maybe that is the disconnect with our sleep and bed. We have added a foam egg crate thing hoping to make the bed more comfortable. I just don’t look forward to sleep like I did back home and as I type this I really think it has a lot to do with our sleep schedules. So moving on from that. Ha.

There are parts of our lives here that I really love and parts that I am still adjusting to.

I love that Mr. Wonderful and I have to depend on each other now and we are learning more and more how to do that and do it well.

I love that not only are we drawing closer to each other, even more importantly than that in the last few weeks we really have been drawing so much closer to God. I still want more, to be even closer to God than we are and I am looking forward to that and we are praying together for that.

I love that I don’t work a rigid 8-5 job and that I have a lot more down time now. I also at times am very uncomfortable with the amount of down time that we have. I was so used to always having something to do or someone to see or a commitment to keep that at times it is really hard to not have that and it creates a bit of loneliness within me. I am however, looking forward to the new friends we will make and getting more plugged into our new church. We are not planning to get as involved as we were as we feel this is a time in our lives to allow God to pour out and for us to soak in rather than to turn around and continually pour back out.

There are moments that I miss our friends and families so much that it takes my breath away and I realize again how hard this amount of distance really is. Then I also realize that God gave this amount of distance for that very reason so that headstrong lil ole me would be somewhat forced within this transition to stick it out and be stretched the way He intended me to be stretched.

I love that the job I am starting is so stress free compared to the jobs I have had over the past ten years working in the corporate world. I am truly excited to get going in the new job and excel in a very different kind of job that I think will be very fun!

Our neighborhood is really very quiet, maybe a bit too quiet. We miss having neighbors to chat with and go hang out with.

We watch a lot of HGTV, we really love it. We have love the house hunting shows and talk about what we like in houses and try to guess which ones we would choose and then try to guess which house the couple on tv will choose. Mr. Wonderful usually always get’s it right. But we have learned a bit about ourselves and each other and what we both would like in our future house:

Mr. Wonderful would like: A large porch, A large updated kitchen, Hardwood floors, open floor plan, large yard to work in, a pool, a large jet tub, a large shower, and a space for his man cave.

I would like: Lots of windows to let in natural light, A window seat, Carpeting, open floor plan, a large jet tub and large shower with two shower heads, a fireplace.

Some things we are together on and something things we are not. We have also learned from watching the shows that we will have to compromise with each other and let go of some things as it is highly unlikely that we will get everything we want in one house. Mr. Wonderful can’t wait until we are able to purchase our first house. I am a lot more apprehensive about it. I believe that is because he had a lot more stability growing up and lived in the same house for many many years and his dad is in that same house still. I never stayed in the same place long so the thought is a little different for me. Also the thought of spending that much money just really turns my stomach. I mean I nearly got sick when I bought our laptop. We don’t know when we will actually get to purchase our first home as we need to get through school and find stable jobs that we know are going to be permanent. I look forward to that and wonder where God will lead us in that. It is so fun though to dream about our future lives but I have to be careful that my dreams do not turn into plans in my head as I have learned that God rarely follows my plans. It is fun though to think about family moments with children and what our home may look like and to think of my job as a Children’s Pastor and his job as a teacher and what our lives may be like in the future. Then I also have to be careful to allow myself to live in the now instead of always waiting for what lies ahead. I feel like the last couple of years I have lived in the I can’t wait for what is next mode and I need to learn to live in the now and enjoy it.

God is most certainly preparing us for our lives ahead and I am so very very excited about what HE has in store for us. I know His plan is so much better than any I could think or dream up and I want us to seek Him with everything we have now so that it is second nature to us to always seek Him in such a way. I want us to get so close to Him now that it is easier to know His will and find His way for our lives and I know that doing that will eliminate a lot of hardships and heartaches. Though I know that no matter what there will be hardships and heartache I would like to eliminate as much of the unnecessary hardships and only have to go through those that are necessary for our growth and learning.

I am so very thankful to serve such a Loving and Faithful God and I want to get even closer to Him and love Him more and grow grow grow in Him. I want our lives to be completely filled with His Holy Spirit and I know that only comes when we truly seek Him with all of our hearts and beings. When we are willing to give up other things just to be with Him and seek Him and grow in Him. I know that is the path that we are on and I am very excited about it. I know that our family will be one that seeks the Lord and serves the Lord and loves the Lord and I am beyond excited about that. I know it will take work to get there though and I want to do the work.

Father, I love you and want more of you. I want to be closer to You and be more like you and grow more in you. I want Mr. Wonderful and I both to know you more and more and more. Give us a Holy Hunger for you and your word and your spirit and your will and your love. Help us to seek you with all of our hearts and to find you and to understand what you are teaching us and what you have for us. Help us to always know your will for our lives and what directions to go in. Help us to seek you for the answers that we need and to know exactly where you want us. Help us to really open up to you and to get all that you have for us. Give us vision for our future together and what you have in store for our future lives. Help us to do know the things that we need to do so that our children will have truly blessed lives full of YOU, love, encouragement, honor, discipline, hope, heart, and wholeness. I give all these hopes and desires to you. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Jamie said...

"Help us to do know the things that we need to do so that our children will have truly blessed lives full of YOU, love, encouragement, honor, discipline, hope, heart, and wholeness. I give all these hopes and desires to you." This reminds me of the prayers I prayed nightly before our children came along.

I'm so happy to have a blog friend like you! :)