Friday, July 02, 2010

Random Thoughts

>The wind is my favorite thing God created in nature. It always reminds me of the Creator. It’s magical and beautiful and mysterious.

>I really love natural light. I love to have natural light pouring into my lil home. It makes me feel more alive.

>I love fall and spring because it brings families out into their yards and parks to enjoy God’s creation. They are both refreshing after such extreme seasons.

>I love sitting out here on my lil balcony thinking about nature and the God who created it while the wind blows across my face and cools my skin. I love the sound of the wind in the trees and the birds singing their songs.

>I love knowing that our lil apartment complex has its own grounds crew. I know we will appreciate that this winter when for the first time in our lives we learn to function in massive amounts of snow. I dread it but know it will be a new experience and one to add to a list of things done to tell our kids about someday.

>I love that Mr. Wonderful and I are making memories to tell our children about one day. I love that we both knew that this new journey we are on is what we are supposed to be doing and we did not hesitate to follow God when He called. We couldn’t wait to get started and experience the new things that He has for us.

>I love that within a month this place has begun to feel a little like home for us. We really enjoy the city and truly can’t wait to see what God has in store.

>I’m thankful to be in relationship with a Heavenly Father that cares so deeply for me and takes care of not only the big things but also cares about the little things in our lives. A Heavenly Father that surprises us on a regular basis and loves showing us His faithfulness.

>I’m thankful that we have families and friends who support us in our new journey even though it was hard for them to see us move so far away. I am thankful for those who pray for us and believe in us and believe that we hear from God and support us completely. I am thankful for their love and support everyday!

>I am thankful that I can write blog posts sitting on my lil balcony using word so that I can use cute fonts and simply copy and paste the posts into my blog when I do have access to internet.

>I look forward to getting internet at home again one day. I miss it.

>I am thankful for this last day of sweet relaxation before I start back to work. I am thankful to have been offered a job and for the opportunity to meet new people and make friends here in the north.

>I am thankful to have a wonderful husband who is so willing to work two jobs to make sure that we are okay. And I am thankful for the God that opened the doors for our jobs and who is leading us and guiding us every step of the way.

>I look forward to: fall, not winter, seeing our loved ones again, meeting new people, starting Sunday School this Sunday, my hubby getting home from work, getting motivated again to lose weight, staying motivated to lose weight, to seeing the edited photos from our beautiful, perfect, wedding day, to seeing further what God has in store for us, to living in each moment and enjoying what it brings, to the soccer game next month for hubby’s birthday, to exploring the cities around us when we have the chance, to starting school and learning as much as I can, and to living a life loving and serving an incredible God and loving on His children.

The end for now.

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