Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Things I do not miss about the corporate world:

Business Casual

Office politics



Ringing phones


“Invisible” lines of separation


It feels quite refreshing after ten years in the corporate world to be free from it. To look forward to going to work because there is NO stress and it is fun.

I do somewhat feel like a more of a child but I am coming to terms with that even at 29. I am getting the opportunity to go back and live college. It will be different than it would have been right out of high school and I am completely okay with that. I believe I will love the experience more being in the place in life that I am in. But I am ever so thankful for getting this moment in life to back up and get to do this. God is so faithful and he restores and redeems our pasts. I am absolutely looking forward to have a stresless job and going back to school. I know that school will not be stressless for me but at least work will be for a change. It should be a nice balance. Fun and hard work.

Thankful that my Heavenly Father opened these doors and that my wonderful husband is right here with me and that we have families and friends back home that support us completely. We certainly are blessed.

Here’s to whatever lays ahead for us. Father have YOUR way!

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