Friday, May 06, 2005

Beach Bound!!

Tomorrow I am headed to the beach for the day!! Hey if you wouldn't go down just for a day that's your I love it!! Becca and I used to go all the time on a whim just for the day! Back in the day when we were younger, had less bills, and she was unmarried!! She is taking for my birthday present...what a perfect gift!! We have some catching up to do and just to get to hang will be awesome!! Since before the wedding things have just been tooo busy so I am thankful for the opportunity to just hang out and chat and lay around on the beach. I am so excited!!! I can not wait to head out!! I hope it is fun, carefree, sunny, and peaceful!! I could so use a day like that away from Shelby County!! Do you ever just feel like the walls are caving in and you just want to get out and breath a while!! I get there from time to time and always crave the beach in those times!!! And poor Becky...she has been slammed too...with planning a beautiful wedding, building a beautiful house, and getting settled into marrige and being sick, her needs some down time too. I am thankful we will have the opportunity!! I just so want it to be relaxing and carefree and peaceful!! I am soo excited!! I can not wait!!! Fun in the sun here we come!!! Love you all!!

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