Tuesday, May 24, 2005

just thought I would update my blog...nothing in particular to say. Work has been crazy busy lately...I now do invoicing along with all my other stuff...it makes my day super busy but also makes it go by super fast. I am on right now because we have been having power surges and our system is down for a bit and I am sort of on lunch, though I have already finished my SmartOnes meal. I am not going out for lunch today...just too much to do...so as soon as I get done keying this I am back to work. I hope my queries run better when I go back to run them...that is so frustrating to me...to be waiting on information and it takes forever...lately God has been speaking to me about changes and the fruits of the spirit...and it really seems like everywhere I turn I am hearing about it...kind of cool to me...Sunday night I was at the altar seeking God and sort of in despair about my personality and the flaws it contains...but God sent a word to me and told me that He has planted many seeds and the fruits are there it just takes time for them to grow...that I am okay and He is proud of the way I seek Him...I so needed to hear that...I absolutely love when God speaks to me...I am thankful that He speaks often and I am sure He would speak more often if I would only slow down enough to listen to Him. I am so in love with my God...I am so excited about the places He is taking me too...I can not wait to unfold the future He has written for me...because I know that He has chosen all the very best things for me...it is exciting...I can not wait to meet my husband and to see where He leads us in ministry...I know I have alot of learning and growing to do...but I am okay with that...God is really gentle in His showing me what I need to change and work on...and He always supplies what I need to get where He wants me to go...I am telling you we could not have a more wonderful Father in heaven...He loves us so much more than our human minds can ever comprehend...it is truly incredible...I can't even imagine what it would be like to really grab hold of how much He loves us...I am so thankful for His love...I hope to realize more and more His love for me as I grow and learn and draw closer to Him...Camp is coming up so soon, but not quite soon enough...oh wow...camp is so awesome...I love it so much...kids lives are changed...I never had that opportunity when I was growing up to experience God like these kids get to...infact the first week of camp started yesterday...last night God did a mighty work in kids lives...wow...I love to think about that...there is nothing more incredible than to see a child worshiping God and seeking Him...and camp has such an incredible atmosphere...I know we can have that atmosphere anywhere...it is like you so come expecting such wonderful things to happen and God never ever disappoints...I wish I could be there tonight...my life was changed at kids camp last year...I dont think I'll ever forget it...it touched me so much the way the workers surrounded me in prayer when I was seeking the baptisim of the Holy Spirit...I really dont think I'll ever forget the way God used those guys to touch my life and the way God touched my life...now I walk in the freedom of the Holy Spirit and the guidance...God is so good and he is a promise keeper...He is the Promise Keeper...I am so thankful that I am afforded the opportunity to be apart of camp...I can not wait for Sunday to get here when we get there and start setting up...and it all begins...wow...I am so excited...kids are my passion...I am excited to see kids learn about God and how much He loves them...I know it will impact the whole rest of their lives...knowing someone loves you like that...how could it not impact your life...I know that there is no better foundation to give a child than to teach them the love of Jesus and what it means to love Him back...Thank You my Lord Jesus for giving me that opportunity to spend the rest of my life telling children how much You love them and how they can love You in return...wow...I could not imagine a better way to serve in what little time we have on this earth...I love you Father...I am so thankful for the many opportunities you give me...I hope I never ever take it forgranted...Thank You for awesome children's Pastors -PT and Marcie-who teach me so much about sharing your love with children and who just teach me so much in all the different areas of my life...my life is changed because You brought them into my life and I am so thankful for them...well I guess I have gone on enough, I could give thanks all day...I need to get back to work and get all this stuff done...Much Love!

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CarrieQ-B said...

Hey Tabbie. I am so thankful for you in my life. I am so GLAD that we have become friends and are becoming close. You are an encourager and so loving!! Thank you for being you!! I love you soo much!!