Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My favorite place to be...in the presence of God!

Wow, last night at camp was so awesome!!! It is incredible to know that kids lives were changed. I am so excited about what God has done and is going to do this week. To know that not a single child is at camp by accident, it was ordained by God and He is going to do amazing things in their life this week!! I am just so thankful to be a small part of it, to be able to share His love and tell the kids how much He loves them and how precious they are to Him. Wow! There is no greater joy, not greater purpose!! I am just so thankful!! I think the whole service was awesome last night...from the botched attitude check to the altar call...AWESOME!!! Though it was as hot at Hades in there it was so incredible!! I can not wait to see what God is going to do tonight!! Kids are so precious! Thank you Father for this opportunity to be a part of Your work! I am humbled and thankful!!
I had better get to work so I can leave early to get back to camp!!

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