Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A touch from Heaven!!

Oh wow, another great, wonderful, awesome night at camp...I got a touch from heaven!!! We had to cut some things from the outline because a missionary spoke a lot to long but hey it's all good. All we really had to cut was a song and the black light puppets. It was still an incredible service. The gorillas did an excellent job...way to go Katie, Kara, and Mary!! Rabbit was hilarious of course, he was a little tough on PT and his bubble shirts!!! But it was too funny!!! Miss Honey Dew Flower Pot came and she was so funny and sweet!! And clutzik came he is always hilarious with his great, failing experiments...then spiritman and fleshman came, wow...heehee cracks me up to see Daniel in a huge diaper with a passy and Andy with uneven baloons stuffed in his jogging suit!! Ha! It was awesome!! Kellie helped us with the game but we only got to play once!!! On to the best part of all...altar time...oh wow...God allowed me to pray with several kids who asked Jesus into their heart for the very first time...oh wow...I hope I prayed with them correctly...but how awesome is started a brand new life last night!! I mean wow...and then toward the end when we were worshipping they told the kids to find an adult and lay hands on them an pray...oh wow...that was a touch from heaven...I had several girls just surround me and pray for me...and even when others were leaving they were still there with their arms wrapped around me...I was blown away...most of the kids and adults were gone to the rec hall and these girls were standing their with their sweet arms wrapped around me and my arms around them...I dont know if it for their benefit or for mine...but I was hugging them and loving them with everything in me and they were doing the same for it was such a wonderful moment...I am telling you children are the most precious things God ever created!! I can not wait to get back there is killing me having to be here at work...I want to be there cleaning up back stage and getting ready for tonight and hanging with the kids...but I will survive...I have had such a good time with all the workers really has just been the best week...I cant wait to see what tonight brings and inner city camp is this always touches my heart because those kids are hurting and need so much love and I just want to give it to thank you Jesus for allowing me to be apart of tell children of Your awesome love...I am so thankful and humbled...I can not wait until this is my fulltime job!! Well I had better get back to work, lots to do and I want to leave a few minutes earlier than I did yesterday...I am going to try to go interstate to camp today and pray the traffic doesnt put me behind but it took me and hour and 40 minutes to go the back way yesterday...too long, lol...I wish I could just be beamed there...beam me up Scotty J...ha! Camp is so awesome!!!

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CarrieQ-B said...

I love you Tab...I'm glad camp is going so well!! Its an awesome feeling to be in the middle of something and a part of something that you know God has planned for you!! Just remember..His timing is perfect!! Cya tommorrow!!