Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thankful, grateful, humbled

I am thankful...thankful that God is looking out for me instead of me looking out for myself...I am thankful for all He has given me...but today I am most thankful for the family He has brought to me and me to them...it is cool to see how He knew I needed them and they needed me...it is cool to see where I fit and how we help each other to grow...I am thankful that they love me when I am hard to love and when I mess up and when I cant get through my mess to show them I really do love them...I am thankful they never give up on me, no matter how ugly I am or how cold I am...they always welcome me and love me no matter what...I am thankful that I know they will never turn away from me, even when times get hard, we are family, as in if I were born there, it doesnt matter that I wasnt...I am thankful that God is in control and not me or them...I am thankful for the ways God has intertwined us all together...there is not one person in the family that doesnt feel like I am not family not even Mamaw anymore...I know that there are many who dont and wont understand but they dont have to...it already is what it is...family...and that even goes beyond ministry...it is deeper...it started out as ministry but God had a bigger plan than that...I am thankful...I am just thankful...because of them I am able to love my family I was born into more and better...I think we are all learning and growing together and that is so incredible...it is not always easy...in fact it has been some of the hardest learnings and growth of my life...but that is okay too because they love me and support me there...I have never experienced family like this...and because of it I am able to give that kind of love and support to my family and when I get married that family will benefit greatly from the things I have experienced, learned, and the places I have grown...I know that growth would not have come had it not been for this family God has ordained...I am thankful, grateful, and humbled!!! Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God."

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