Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Busy busy!

Work has been busy busy which has been good helps my day go by super fast...I am thankful for that...I am excited about church tonight...I can't wait to get there...I am coming expecting...I am expecting an awesome STARS class tonight...I am looking forward to being with the girls and listening to them and talking to them and sharing Jesus with them...I am just looking forward to it...WOW...I feel like I have grown so much these past two weeks...I am so thankful...I am so excited about what God is doing in me...I am excited that I am finally allowing Him to work in the way He is...I am craving His presence like never before and I love it...I just want to be in His presence worshiping and praising Him all the time...He is AWESOME!!!...I am thankful just so thankful...well I guess no a whole lot to share but I wanted to write some...I can't wait to see the future God has planned for is so exciting to think cool to wonder is hard to stay focused sometimes for thinking about it...but I know that I just want to not let myself get in the way of His plans...I hope I can do that!!...well I guess I had better go and get back to work lots to do...I feel like I will never catch up!!! But that is okay...bye I will see you all tonight...I love you Jesus...oh oh oh wait I have to share something really quick...there was this guy that I knew from highschool that started working here the week before I left to go on vacation which was last week...he used to harrass me all the time in high school...always saying vulgar things, derrogatory things, nasty things, he ran drugs and treats the girls that were with him horribly like something he owned...needless to say I did not like him at all...prolly hated he starts working here and I was out in the warehouse doing my job that I now have to do and I see him staring at me which make me so very uncomfortable...eeewwww...anyway I decided I was going to be nice to him anyway...because in high school I definately was not nice...I have a mouth on me we'll just say that...well anyway he said hi I said hi and then he said something nasty...I bit my lip and just kept about my task...but I told the warehouse manager that I was not going to put up with that and so forth...when I got back to my desk I was shaking because I was very scared of this me it would not be a stretch for him to be violent...well I was told and prayed that it would be handled when I got back from vacation...when I came back I was not scared anymore...because I know that nothing happens without God's approval...but I still was not going to put up with him speaking or treating me with disrespect or any of the other ladies around here...well to make a much longer story he quit...I was so excited because I feel so much better having to go out into the warehouse now...I can go out and know I am not going to be looked at inappropriately or have to worry about anyone saying disgusting things to anyway I wanted to share that...I thank Jesus for him quiting...most definately!!! I am thankful that I didnt not say anything ugly to him...I know he saw the change in me...that is cool to me...I know that people from my past can take one look at me without me even having to talk really and know that I am a changed person...changed for the better...awesome...totally is all in the way I carry myself and the light that shines from is Jesus...ALL Jesus!!! I love that!! Well I will go now for real and get my work done!! With much love!!

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The1AndOnlyDANIELLE! said...

Wow, thats awesome...God is GREAT!! Dont you have cows by your work?...well you should have let them out so they could have chased him away...hehe. I didnt get to see you last night...wahh! But Ill see you when I see you ha! But have an awesomely great day! Oh and Im super glad that I have gotten to know you lately!!
Love ya tons...daniel...ha