Thursday, June 02, 2005

I love camp!

Ok it's is the best place on got good food, good fun, and lots of just can't beat that combination...not to mention great people...I have to admit though I am exhausted, pooped, and sleepy as ever...getting up super early to drive to work after staying up super late has a way of wearing you down...but tomorrow is Friday and when 3:50 pm hits my weekend starts and I plan to somehow catch up on my sleep...pray for me there...ha...only an hour and a half left before I get to go back to camp...woohoo...I think I am doing a gorilla tonight too...learned a new dance...was pretty proud of that because I am a horrible dancer...but hey who cares...I let the devil get to me yesterday and shake me I am not letting him today...I dont care if I sound horrible singing tonight, or if I fall flat on my face, or if I dance horibbly, I am going to do it unto the Lord anyway and let Him take care of it...under my feet Satan...I am doing this for Jesus...ha...I hope tonight is as deep as last night at the altar was incredible...and the same group of wonderful girls that hugged on me the night before last night came to me again and we all hugged on each other...I got their names this time...Charmin(yes like the toilet paper-she does the cha cha dance too), Akaysha, Rachel, and Megan...they are the most precious girls ever...I love them so much...they are so sweet and wonderful and were filled with the Spirit last night and it was music to my ears...we had kids still in the altar long after most went to the Rec awesome is that...I love it...God did a work in me last night as well...or at least He is beginning...I know it is not finished yet...only getting started really...kind of scary but here I go anyway...trusting my Lord...not an easy task for me...well guess I need to go and get back to work so I can leave and head to camp...woohoo...I am going the interstate again today cause it was faster even in the rain...I am hoping it will be even faster today...I need a shower to wake me up before service...I am dozing at my desk...I actually went looking for a spot to take a cat nap but could not find one...darn...guess that is for the better...I may not have woke up...well away I go...much love!


CarrieQ-B said...

cya in a few hours!!!

The1AndOnlyDANIELLE! said...

Hey Tabbie!! I loved seeing ya'll the other night, because ya'll have so much fun and I can really tell that is your calling! Well its getting late and I think I might want to think about sleeping, but I hope you get the make up sleep that you need! I guess I'll see ya when I see you again! Ha!