Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Okay so I went home yesterday and went almost straight to bed, let's just say I was snoozing by 8:00pm...which is highly unsual for me...but oh so needed...tonight I was pretty much planning to do the same thing but then I remembered we have Life Prayer at church and I absolutely do not want to miss it...it was pretty incredible last time...what God kept putting on my heart to pray about PT mentioned later that God kept putting that same thing on his heart to pray about and who knows who else God had praying for it too...that was so awesome to me because I didnt understand why I kept praying for that, not that I had to understand...but we sort of had guidelines and it wasnt in the guidelines...anyway it was just too cool...I am excited about it...I love being at church so much...I wish we had it all the time...well today was an alright day...since I had rested it was much better than yesterday...though this morning little things kept distracting me and I thought I was going to be behind but I did not end up being behind...so that was great...and this afternoon was slow and I got to just relax some which is unusual for this new position I'm in...the guys are still shipping though but I dont have to work late because the lady that prints invoices left at 5:00 so I can go too...woohoo...I am going to stay a little longer though so I dont have so much to do in the morning...that is going to put my day way behind and tomorrow is my day I leave on time because I am so not missing church...so I think the rest of this week is going to be very busy...but hey I am rested and tonight I'll be spending some awesome time with my Jesus so it's all good...nothing I can't handle...I love when I can just spend time with Jesus...I need to do it soooo much more often...and we didnt have service Sunday night...which makes me so sad, Sunday night services are so awesome...not to mention it is the only service I get becuase I am in Children's Church on Sunday mornings(not a chance of giving that up ever!) and I help teach a STARS class on Wednesday night(not giving that up either!)so Sunday nights are my everything its where I get fed...but its okay...we had some good family time Sunday and had a great time swimming and playing in the pool...I bought my Dad some really great swim trunks cause we are going on a cruise the end of July...they are much louder than he would like but they are perfect for him really...I think they look great and will be just right for the ship...it was so much fun getting them for him and watching his face when he got them...bless his heart...he'll have to get used to having a daughter...you see they havent always had me they sort of adopted me...well they probably would have for real had I not already been over 18 and didnt have my awesome mom...but they are amazing to me and we are family...God just blessed me with two families instead of just one...He's awesome like that...anyway we are going on a crusie to Cozumel the last week of July...I am super excited...I am praying for some really awesome family time...some really meaningful moments...and of course some wonderfully fun moments...I can not wait...I am so excited...will be my first real vacation...I usually only use my vacation for doing ministry which I love but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I wouldnt miss it for the world...I am still hoping to be able to do all the ministry trips I usually get to do...I will miss the kids crusade to Luverne it is the week I'll be on the cruise and I am so sad about that because I have been waiting to go back there because that was my first ever kids crusade and I have been asking PT about it for a year now...anyway we have Kentucky in September that I am praying that I get to go on...it is a whole week and I am not sure that work is going to let me go...I am sort of running out for time I can take off...but I am hoping beyond hope that somehow I get to go anyway...we shall see...if you read this pray for that...well I guess I am about to get out of here...nothing real deep to chat about right now...I love my Lord and Savior more than anything or anyone...hasta luego!

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The1AndOnlyDANIELLE! said...

I love your flip flops!!! Tomorrow is dusty hotdog day!