Monday, June 27, 2005

on to something...

I have this overwhelming feeling right now...that I am on to something so big...I dont know...its like when you want more of God...and you dont know how to get there...I think I get's like when you are courting or dating and you are scared of what you think the relationship might be or could dont want to let your mind go there becuase its just too good to be true surely this cant be the one surely this cant be it...and when you come to that moment when you are tired of denying you are tired of fighting against it and you just release it and finally go ok this is it this is the one and you open up to that...that is exactly what it is like with God...we think oh no this is too good to be true and we deny and fight against...but its like when you get to that point when you can just release it and open up God can flood your soul like never before...that is what is happening with me...I have been in a courtship with God...and I keep wanting more of Him...but I think how, how do I get there how do I do it...and I have just come to the point where I have just realized this is it...and all I have to do is open the I have this image in my mind of just opeing a door and this beautiful wind comes the Aurua whatever in Alaska in the sky that is what the wind looks like...but its like all it takes is just to stop, release all the questioning, doubting, analyzing, just stop and open that door and let God's beautiful wind flood your soul...I know this all sounds like crazy ramblings but I just got it this just clicked in my brain...I just saw this picture of just finally letting go and opening up and really is that simple, but its so hard for us to do...I just wish I had better words to describe...Psalm 46:10 helps..."Be still, and know that I am God"'s not too good to be is good...IT IS TRUE...He wants to flood our soul with love and healing and He wants us to be whole...He created us to be whole, and sin and this world take piece after piece from doesnt matter what it is that is taking pieces from you He can give back those pieces then some...He has done that in me...I have finally allowed it...I know there is more to come...but I have finally opened up...and it's like a beautiful wind...a wind that brings, LOVE, HEALING, WHOLENESS, JOY BEYOND, AND COMPLETENESS!!!

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