Wednesday, June 29, 2005

God is Awesome!

Hey guys it's Wednesday...hump day...the middle of the week...that means only two more days until a three day awesome is that!!! Woohoo!! I am so going to sleep as much as possible of course...actually I think I have a pretty full weekend planned as usual and then I just found out today that I am going to Huntsville next week...I am going to be working my hiney off doing some inventory...let me tell you this is like doing an inventory on J & J Junk store except the junk happens to come from England and France and stuff and of course some high end patio furniture like Summer Classics...anyway I went to Jen & Jason's and hung out last night...I just love them to death...they are so real and down to earth...its like you can just be who you are and its okay...I love hanging with them...not to mention their awesome kids...they have the most beautiful kids in the world and they are super fun...but we talked until late(I felt bad cause Jason had to get up early this morning) but it was so great...we talked about some really deep things but it was great and I loved it...I am thankful that they moved back here for sure...and they live right down the road from me and that is awesome has been a good day so far...I got all my invoicing done and went to lunch with David and Anita at our new Huddle House in Montevallo...good stuff...though my order wasn't exactly was still good stuff...I am hoping that since we are so close to our goal for this month I wont have to work late and I can get to the church early and have my quiet time in the sanctuary like I was getting before...I enjoyed that sooooo much...we shall see how the afternoon progresses I guess...let me just tell you God is awesome...I am so just not believing where I am at now as compared to where I came from...God is good yall(that sounded country I know-but who cares I just am who I am and who I am is ok!)...I am thankful for where I have come to in my life that I am now okay without having to be dating a guy...though many people dont get that about me because people are constantly trying to set me up(yes I hate that so much!!)...but for the first time in my life I am complete just being me...without a guy, without money, without drugs or alcohol...just me and God...I think it is the most awesome place to be...I am thankful...I did not get here no no...there is no way I could have gotten here without my Lord and Savior I am thankful to my Best All In Future!!! Well I had better go so I can try to stay ahead of the game today and get to church early...Pressing On...Philippians 3:12 "Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me."

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