Monday, May 02, 2005

What a weekend!!

What a weekend!!! Friday night we had a KOR spend the night party with the girls because they won the contest!! We had eleven girls come. We had so much fun!!! We told jokes, did spontaneous human videos, sang, played "four square" with more than four people, dodge ball, bop-it, cards, hide and go seek(which was hilarious cause I scared the crud out of the kids), and watched movies and woke up in a storm!! I had the best time being with the girls and Marcia. I am so blessed to be able to love these kids and play with them and grow with them and so blessed to have such great Pastors!! I love all of our pastors and they all have such a passion for their place in ministry and God and such fire!! It is awesome!! I love my God and my church sooo much!! Anyway, it was a great spend the night party. We got up Saturday morning, well Marcia got the kids up and I couldn't quite make myself get up and so I layed there and Marcia and I just talked and talked, it was really so wonderful to me and then I finally got up and helped clean and get everything ready for service the next day. Then I went home to Wiggins' and had breakfast again after having alot of the mini white powered doughnuts-yeah I'm gonna loose weight like that I know-NOT! Then I went home to my apartment to meet my Mom before she left for Texas to visit family there and I so hate I had to miss that trip...then I preceeded to sleep alllllll day...I slept until 3:00 something or 4:00 something, I can't remember which!! I love to sleep!!! Then I went and ate dinner at Wiggins and then on to the couch to take another mini nap until about 9:00...then on to the church to get ready for BGMC service!! Then to Wal-Mart to get some stuff for service...while at Wal-Mart with Denise I saw lots of cute clothes I wanted to try on...well here's a news flash for all you late night Wal-Mart shoppers...dressing room closes at 10:00pm and they wont let you in at all! So I had a buggy full of clothes to try on and couldn't...I was not a happy camper. I took a few things home and only had to return one! Then home and Denise and I stayed up and talked for a while, Daniel came home from youth rally, he went on to bed, and eventually Denise and I drifted that way too. Sunday morning breakfast which is awesome and I love it...we had waffels and bacon YUM! On to church early to make sure I had everything for BGMC...Sunday school was good...I love our Sunday school class although we had alot of people out :(. Then to Children's Church to do BGMC service. It went okay, not quite satisfied but we made it through. I so want the kids to be excited about BGMC and giving, but they are not. It is hard to get them motivated!! I am trying all kinds of different things but I am not going to give up!! We came up with a great idea to raise money because we are not any where close to our goal for the year which is 1500.00 we are doing $10 dollar BGMC Sunday where the kids have two months to come up with a way to earn $10 dollars for BGMC + what's in their Buddy Barrel and they get some kind of something with the BGMC logo on it, we havent decided what we are getting yet. I hope they get excited and get with it!! I am going to send out some flyers like I did last year to get them motivated and remind them so they dont forget!! I hope that they like BGMC services, I try to make them fun and interesting. Pray for me!!!
Well after church Denise and I went shopping again and I got some really great stuff for my apartment and had fun doing it. I bought red curtains for my living room which I am totally excited about I think they will be perfect!!! I bought curtain rods, sheets and blankets for my guest room, and towel and cloth for my bathroom!! Denise was so great to shop with cause she helps me make up my mind when I cant and keeps me on the right track. It was alot of fun buying stuff for my apartment. It got me excited and pumped up! I am gearing up to have summer company!! My awesome friend Kellie is coming to stay with me on weekends while she works camp and I am soooooo excited!!!! Then we had Sunday night service which was wonderful!! I love Sunday night service...I love the worship and prayer and altar time!! Then Denise, Daniel, and I went to IHOP with the Jones'. It was fun for us all to be together and chat and fellowship! Not to mention the food was awesome...Pancakes and coffee!! YUM! Well I am exhausted this morning because I stayed up and made one of the beds in my guest room with my new sheets and blanket...I hope it is all going to look great!!! We shall see I have a lot of work to get done before Kellie comes to visit. Gotta get on the ball most definately!! Well I have taken alot of time to write this and I need to get to work!!

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Amber Sheree said...

Girl I miss you so much. I really hope I get to see you tonight but I may not making. I'm not feeling great and I think I'm getting strep throat. Anyways I'll talk to you soon. byah