Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 weird or unknown facts about yourself...

5 Weird Facts...
List 5 Weird or Unknown Facts about yourself.

1) Sometimes I get really low to my desk when I am writing
2) I eat the marshmallows from my Lucky Charms first - by color to get it over with - because I like the cereal better
3) I love the smell of Windex
4) I practice writing with my left hand because I want to be Ambidextrous
5) I do not hear well - especially if there are many conversations going or a lot of background noise

That was fun!

Well it's official Zyrtec zones me out, makes me tired and sleepy but not to the point of actually falling asleep while I am doing something. I am actually getting more done at work, weirdly I can stay focused better. But I stare off when I'm not doing something. But I could go to sleep if I got still and let myself. And I am looking forward to going to sleep when I get home and get packed for Youth Convention. Yay Youth Convention. I wish I were already packed though. *Sigh*

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