Wednesday, March 26, 2008


To Allergies I say:
Why me?!?!?!?
I never had allergies until three or four years ago with the exception of a freak two years where I was actually allergic to the sun. That was very crazy for sure!
But I now deal with allergies. I am however thankful that Zyrtec is not over the counter!!!
I rushed to buy Zyrtec this morning, as my face was melting off. To which I totally freaked out the guy at the CVS Pharmacy counter, as I, an extremely Red-Nosed desperate individual, demanded the strongest Zyrtec he could sell me. Lol. It was quite humorous, he look at me like I was crazy. Well I felt crazy and desperate, I was losing my face here. However, I believe it is finally kicking in, and I still have eye balls and a nose. Phew that was a close one.
Allergies or No allergies - I welcome Spring with open arms.
I am ready for:
Warmth and sunshine
Trips to the bleachers to sun bathe at lunch
Trips to the lake
Kids Camp
Kids Crusades
Flip Flops
No jackets
No chill in the bones

Lord Thank You for Spring and Thank You for Zyrtec!
Oh and I'd like to give a shout-out to Rachel - who told me how to give my blog the facelift it greatly needed!! Thanks Rach! Kiss Nattie's cheeks for me!

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