Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here are the pics from my trip to Chicago last week. Enjoy. (The descriptions are under each picture.)

This where we ate lunch 95 stories above the city. The Signature Room. Beautiful building, beautiful experience. Sorry I did not get a picture from the window up there. It was breath taking even with the fog.
Navy Pier. If it had not been raining we would have been on that fabulous Ferris Wheel you see in the background. There are only 4 in the world this large. (I definitely want to experience Navy Pier someday.)
Gorgeous Castle like building. This is the water works building. The only building to survive the Fire they had many many years ago.
A matching building across the street. The architecture was really incredible. This is Donald Trump’s Building. He is trying to build the new tallest building in Chicago. Notice the clouds around the top. These buildings were designed to look like corn on the cob. Ha. They look very cool. They are condos. Notice the cars parked at the bottom. Chicago River Walk. I have a thing for light posts. I liked this one.
The Stone Heads (Famous Merchants) across the street from the Merchandise Mart where our Chicago Showroom is.
The one picture I got of me in Chicago. In the car on the way back to the airport. We did not think we were going to make it back in time to catch out flight. (I snapped two pictures. My sales rep started waving at the cars behind us thinking they were flashing their head lights at her to get over. Ha Ha Ha. We had a good laugh when she realized it was me taking pictures.)

We had a good time and I did not get a picture of the three of us together since we were so rushed to get back to catch our flight. It was fun. My Sales Rep was a very gracious and fun host.


JMBMOMMY said...

Fun pictures. :)

Kari Dawson said...

Great snapshots. A ferris wheel at Navy Pier in the cold, sounds yummy actually and I don't do ferris wheels.