Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I voted!
On time for work.
Plans made.
Outfit picked out.
Chicago here I come.
Have peace.
Stood up.
Increasing Faith.
My Hope in His Word.
Have great friends.
Still In Love.
God is SSOOOO Good.
Thankful today.
Joyful too.
Listening to Christmas Music.
Planning packing in my head.
Ready to head home for the day and start packing.
Need pants sewn.
Ready to start climbing instead of just clawing.
Psalm 130.
Weekend needed.
Teaching SS Sunday.
Loving the time change.
Trees are beautiful.

That is my bit of randomness and realness for the day.

Oh my Father, You are so Good. Thank you for your goodness and love. Your unfailing Love. I never want my life to be without you Heavenly Father. I love you with all of my heart and Iknow exactly where my life would be without you and I never wanna be there. Thank you for your Word, for faithful friends who Love YOU, for your Hope, for your presence. I give you this day and all that is left in it. Lead me and guide me. In Jesus Precious name. Amen.


Tabbie:) said...
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Tabbie:) said...
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Kari Dawson said...

Speaking of life without Him...it makes me wonder how any of us ever managed. His grace and mercy must always be upon us. Even when we don't yet know and accept Him. That is my prayer for the ones I love that don't yet know him. That they don't suffer awaiting a revelation of His love in thier lives but somehow he fills the void while they still run.