Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dreams and Visions

Anxious feelings dissapated
Trees make me happy
Christmas music makes me gleeful
Zaxby's is my favorite
Hallie is clean
Headed South earlier
I have Holiday dreams & visions floating in my head

This time of year alway makes me reflective and hopeful of the future. I am flooded with thoughts and dreams and hopes of family and traditions and memories to be made. I cannot wait to start my own family and begin building traditions and making holiday memories.

I have a few memories of the holidays. Most of my best ones are from recent years.

I love Communion on Christmas Eve
Decorating Christmas Trees
Drinking Egg Nog
Christmas lights that sing and dance to Christmas tunes
Thanksgivings where the family actually comes together to eat at the same time and is pleasant to one another.
Sweet Potato Casserole
Sitting around the table listening to family chatter
Playing outside in the yard with my little nephew
Left Overs

Many of these memories are one timers. But good memories none the less. I just cannot wait to continue these memories and to begin creating memories.

Fall Breezes, Bright trees, & Christmas music creates in me this reflective hopeful dream filled person. I love it.

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