Saturday, March 05, 2011

Day One

Day 1 - A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

(iPhone Pic)

My Day:

~ In one word…Wonderful!

~ I got to school early to continue reading and studying for the exam I had in my New Testament class.

~ Had time to get coffee and a muffin before my first class :)

~ I felt Great about the exam! Which I made a 93 on!!! I got an A!! Woot Woot!

~ Chapel was great – worship was so good & the speaker was so funny and genuine!

~ Work went great too!! I worked on checks for Ms. Rhoda and at the end of my shift Ms. Mary brought us both a really Yummy cupcake!!!! So fun and So good!

~ Hubby picked me up and took me home to get a nap :)

~ Napped :)

~ Woke up to get ready to meet with the Children’s Pastors we are working with & go skating with the kids.

~ Came out to Flowers from my sweet Hubby! (Just because flowers ARE MY FAVORITE!!) (Hence the pic for the day)

~ Met with pastors (they treated us to dinner).

~ Went skating with the kids & had a GREAT GREAT time!! I got to know some of the kids so much better and hope we really made some connections!!

~ After skating it was still early so hubby and I had a lil date night.

~ We went to Borders and bought a crossword puzzle book to do together, then to Barnes & Noble to look at their Nook (I am trying to decide between the Nook & the Kindle to get for my birthday), then we decided to go get some sushi & found this great lil place & fell in love! (Pics of our sushi come tomorrow.) Then we headed home to get into our comfy clothes and do crossword puzzles together (no TV or Media just us) & then off to bed early because we were both just exhausted from the week!!!

~ It was a really great day!

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