Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Random things...

I absolutely love my jesus

Had such a joyful worship today

I am so very proud of my husband

I love my hubby more today that ever

I miss my best friend & I love that god brought us back into each other’s lives to share life together

I so love being at home…it’s just so wonderful

I could possible graduate in 2 more semesters…wha!?!?!

I cannot wait to start having children

I have so many questions about going into ministry…not the questioning if we are supposed to…but questions about what it is going to be like and how we should handle things

I cannot stop watching the Bachelor…I am totally pulled in…I am routing for EMILY!!!

I have the cutest Husband in the WHOLE world

I seriously hate being this chunky…but there have been so many emotional things going on that I have NOT done well staying away from food…Which makes me realize…

I hate being an emotional eater…ugh

Shockingly I am surviving Public Speaking…this said the day before my first major speech

I am going to survive this semester actually…in spite of all of the hard things that we have faced so far this year

I am still VERY EXCITED to turn THIRTY this year on EASTER

I am excited about being back in ministry…Loving it and I am learning so many different things

I am BEYOND EXCITED about what God is doing in my Hubby and the vision HE is birthing in him for OUR ministry...

I am so excited about what God has in store for US!

I am now working an hour a day at the school answering phone for the cashier’s lunch and I am really enjoying it

I am thankful that my office skills are benefiting me

Occassionally I think back on my last job and Thank My Heavenly Father that I survived that job and am no longer there…

I remember vividly the anxiety attacks I had and the horrible feeling I had EVERY Sunday when I realized I had to start another work week there

“I’ve decided that the key to being a good singer is having a big ole mouth” ~ My Hubby :-)

“Hey fire trucks, You can’t put out the Holy Ghost Fire!” ~ My Hubby :-) (as we passed a church with several fire trucks out front)

I am going to end on that note because my Husband is funny, hard working, unbelievably patient, supportive, cute, WONDERFUL, and my precious gift from God!!

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Lindsey said...

I loved this post and the pic at the end, so funny!