Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Review

Friday: Friday began SPRING BREAK!!! Promptly at 12:30pm to be exact, and I could not have been more ready or excited!! I relaxed the rest of the afternoon until time for work that night. After work Hubby and I stopped off at Fuddruckers to try some wild game burgers. I ordered the Buffalo Burger and Hubby ordered the Wild Boar burger. We cut them in half, swapped a half, and ate them at the same time and then rated them. We gave the Buffalo Burger a 6.5 and the Wild Boar Burger a 4. It was a fun new experience.

Saturday: We were up early for work. I had to work at Old Navy and Hubby had to go do his stores. I worked until 2:45 and couldn’t wait to get off and hang out with my Hubby. It was rainy and stormy and we hung out at home. Hubby napped and I worked on some school work to get a head start on the projects that I needed to get done over Spring Break! Hubby had to work that night at the deli and I got a lot of work done on my project that night! I bombarded poor Hubby when he got home from work with what I had gotten done on my project because I was so excited!! I am working on a training session for children’s church workers. So it’s not just a project to me, this is something I am pouring my heart into because we will be using this in our ministry one day!! I am very excited about it and I am very proud of it!! We spent the evening finishing up making our plans for the games we were doing the next morning in children’s church before heading off to sleepyland!

Sunday: We were up early to make a quick stop by Walmart to grab some things for our games before early service. We enjoyed the word Pastor Fent shared, he is just such a wonderful preacher!!! Then it was on to children’s church to run through the skit and get everything set up and ready. Children’s church went well, I had a great time getting to know more names and praying with the kids, and watching Hubby shine while leading games and welcoming visitors. We are a great team and I love seeing him do so well at what he does! After church we got to take our children’s pastor’s kids to lunch and bowling. We had such a good time with the boys!! They sure have a lot of energy, so we were tired after our time with them but we really enjoyed it soo very much!!! After that it was home again. My brother Daniel came over to work on school work and Hubby took a nap, I finished our laundry and finished up the training session project and am just so happy about how it turned out, Daniel napped some and we chatted a good bit and he finished his laundry and then we all had chili and watched “Coming Home”, a tear jerker!!! It was good to just chill with my boys at home!!

It was a nice weekend and I feel great about what I got accomplished!!!

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