Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Rainy Saturday...

The Rainy Saturday before Spring Break officially ends! I am almost depressed that Spring Break is ending! But there are only five weeks of the semester left and for that I am very thankful!!

We have just arrived back home from work at Old Navy. We stopped off at Hubby’s other job (Nearly Famous Deli) to grab sandwiches for lunch. Then dropped by the grocery store for steaks and potatoes for “Din Din”, Hubby is grilling!! We are now nestled in our lil apartment away from the rain with full bellies!!

I am going to venture out to Walmart in a lil bit for Purple finger nail polish and the next book in the series I am reading by Karen Kingsbury. I plan to spend the remainder of the day and weekend while not at church in my pajamas on my sofa with my nose in a book.

This is our life today. It is bliss. We will be discussing games for service tomorrow later and Hubby will be watching lots of basketball.

I intend to drain the last bit of fun out of this Spring Break before it officially ends at 8:30 am Monday morning.

Just Sayin.

I fully plan to psych myself up about finishing the next five weeks STRONG!!

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