Thursday, March 03, 2011



That is what my precious Lord is.

I do not deserve His faithfulness but He sure provides freely!

I have a story to share:

I have been praying for this precious young girl at work. She absolutely breaks my heart!

She is incredibly intelligent, absolutely beautiful, and very strong-willed. The first time she broke my heart I began to pray and fast for her. She wanted to leave work so that she could go and drink her night away. Broke my heart into a million tiny little pieces.

The second time she broke my heart, she attacked me and accused me of thinking I was better than everyone. (Honestly, I immediately knew that it stemmed soley from her insecurity within herself.) But it broke my heart so much. There have been multiple times that she has broken my heart.

She did not like me when we first started working together. And honestly I feel like that stems from the conviction that being around me brings. I am okay with that and was okay with her not liking me, I am not here for others to like me, I am here to LOVE PEOPLE.

From the moment I first met her, I purposed to love her completely & that I have! Even when the girl hit me in the head with a football…oh how I wanted to wring her neck that night. But instead I encouraged her.

Well all that to say that last week I got the first glimpse that I was making an impact on her life when she told me I was her favorite because she never has to worry if I am going to like her or not. (Uuumm yes she did Break my Heart yet again in that moment!) I am far from her favorite and that is the honest truth, but that was the only way she could express the relief that she feels knowing that no matter what I am going to like her…or really it that I love her.

Tonight I was given another glimpse that God is using me to impact her life. She told another employee that she wished she could be like me. But really it is that she wishes that she could be like Jesus. That is what she is seeing in me and He is what she is drawn to in me & I am so humbled and thankful. I am so thankful that He would use me. I am honored really.

I am going to continue to lift her up to my Faithful Heavenly Father and believe for her salvation and healing. I am going to pray that He supernaturally protects her as He did me when I was walking the path that she is currently walking. And I will most certainly continue to love her with love from Jesus Christ!!!

I am just so blessed to be used but Him and so humbled that He choose to use this cracked pot.

Thank you Father!

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