Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall Fever.

Yep it's official - I have Fall Fever.

I am ready for falling leaves, cool air, gorgeous scenery, and the feeling that comes with Fall.

This year fall will be best one yet because I have that special someone to share it with. I am so excited. This is such an exciting time in life.

I am beyond excited about the new journey I am on. I cannot wait to see the doors that God will open and how His story will unfold. This is HIS story not mine. I am simply blissfully loving the journey. It's not always bells and whistles but I am enjoying it still. There is a great joy in all of it, even in the hard, and that Joy is the LORD. I love that this is God's story and that I am not the writer.

Thank You Father for the strength to stand - Past, Present, & Future.
Thank You Father for the direction - Past, Present, & Future.
Thank You Father for the Promise that is now unfolding.
Thank You Father for being there always - In the Good, Hard, Easy, & Bad.
You are a good Father, a Faithful Father, You are my Heavenly Father and I surrender all to You. I love you my Father! I am still..

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