Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I guess yall have noticed how horrible I have been at posting lately...

Writer's block.

We had another busy weekend but it was a good one. Friday we headed to Mobile for Marshall's brother's wedding. I love the drive down to Mobile I have always loved the drive south. I pretty much have fallen in love with Mobile too and Marshall's family. We always have the best time. His Dad makes me laugh alot and I love to see the two of them together, it's a hoot. And the bed I sleep in is just incredible, there must be a spell on it or something becuase once I crawl into it I don't even think I get to lay down before I am passed out. It's great except the fact that the entire room is filled with Alabama Football stuff...eeeewwww...gag...spit...but oh the bed is nice so I guess I can over look the rest. We had a great time hanging out with his families and we ate really good while we were there.

A quick recap...Wedding, pictures, Longhorn, headache, BED, tour of downtown, Starbucks, Semmes visit, golf cart ride, red beans and rice, Tommy Boy, cheerleading tryouts, yummy burgers, neighbors, BABIES, BED, wake up, say goodbyes, ticket :(, all day boring meeting, crappy dinner, BED!

I did say ticket. So I get pulled over (we had just swapped drivers Mr. Wonderful needed a morning nap) so I get pulled over for 1)Speeding 77 in a 70 2)Riding in the left lane (aparently that lane is ONLY for passing - nope I did not know) 3)Illegal tint (just bought the car in June - nope I didn't know) so after what seemed like Forever the State Trooper comes back to the window with a ticket for illegal tint worth $163.00. Fabulous!

Last night we had a women's meeting and had a great time haning around the pool eating wonderful food and chatting!!

Well shockingly I still do not have a ton to write but there's an update anyway.

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