Monday, August 04, 2008


Weekend full of Family Fun!!!
Had a GREAT weekend spent alot of time with the family and had alot of fun!!

Friday night we hung out with Jared in his new trailer. It is REALLY nice!!! Neesie made the best potato soup

Saturday we were at the lake for Daniel's Birthday. I got to drive the boat and eat a burger at the best burger joint on the lake! Daniel had a good birthday and I got to spend some time just chatting and hanging out with him too and that was nice.

Sunday church was great, Sunday School was really good and we learned about Fiji for BGMC in Children's Church and then we watched some human video practices and ten we played cards with Neesie and mammaw. I love Phase Ten and Mammaw is too funny playing cards!!!

Sunday evening my sweetie took me out for chicken...he is so sweet...I was coming off a 10 day fast and I had so been craving chicken fingers so he took me to Zaxby's and then on to our favorite ice cream place!! Oh how wonderful it is to have such a sweet man in my life.

You know I am just blessed:
I have a Heavenly Father that I live my life for. I am called into Children's Ministry and get to live my life to tell kids how much God loves them and that He is ALWAYS there for them. I truly have the most amazing family and we love each other and support each other and have fun together. My mom just recently got saved which is so awesome and my grandmother is moving to Alabama. And God has brought a wonderful man in my life and I am dating for the first time in 7.5 years and on an amazing new journey. You know things are not always easy but God is good and I am blessed.

It was a great weekend!

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