Friday, August 29, 2008

Learnings & Opportunities.


Last night my plans were to go and hang out with my beautiful mommy-to-be friend and be totally girly and then go help out my beautiful Bride-to-be friend with last minute Wedding things.

I have just enough time to get home and change into something much more comfortable(uuggghh heels - I will never walk well in them and they will never be comfortable). I get home change and am headed out the door and Hallie(my car) will not start.

*Frustration is conceived.

I pop the hood and trunk...grab my trusty miniature Louiville Slugger from the trunk to begin venting my mounting frustration on the battery connectors...that always works right...NOT SO MUCH.

*Frustration rising.

I call Mr. Wonderful who thankfuly lives right around the corner(I AM on a time schedule here, I have a plan and must stick to the plan and a non-starting car was not in the plan - I am to meet my preggo friend who needs her beauty rest so needs to be in bed early and my time is running out - my plan is slipping - THIS IS NOT COOL)so I call Mr. Wonderful who rushes over to look at Hallie - and diaganosis her with a dead battery.

*Frustration screaming upward.

I call my Dad cause I need a plan and my frustration has ripped my planning skills right out from under me - he suggests we take the car to the parts store and let them hook up a machine to confirm the diagnosis - and buy a new battery if needed.

*Frustration lowering(I have a plan - sometimes that's all it takes for me)

I call mommy-to-be and let her know - SADLY - I may not make it tonight - Sheesh It's only been months since I have seen her - TEAR SNIFF SNIFF - then Mr. Wonderful and I head to the parts store.

*Attitude sets in.(My plan has be ruined - I HATE THAT)

Now we all have had those times right before payday when you know the funds are not in the bank but you know you can PROBABLY write a check and be safe right. Well Not when the parts store runs your check for you new battery costing $98.98(because YES I did give a dollar to support research for Juvenile Diabetes and thought about Alan - I LOVE YOU ALAN and believe for your HEALING God IS Faithful) through like a debit and it gets DENIED.

*Attitude, Frustration, EMBARASSMENT set in hard.

Praise Jesus for a Dad who really is a good Dad and bails his favorite(only) daughter out with the trusty Credit Card over the phone. (Wiping brow here)

*Embarassment level falls and Grateful level RISES. Attitude still there STRONG. Frustration better(once again a plan is in play).

On the road back home it is now after 7:00 and I am wrestling with what my new plan should be. My attitude is so bad I simply want to go home and go to bed. And I have gone back and forth out loud. Mr. Wonderful sweetly kisses the top of my hand. (Why are you loving me when I am being so difficult, indecisive, and so darn Unlovable?????)

*Guilt Builds. (I'd rather at this point be in bed that be social with those I had plans with & I am being Ridiculous). Motivation GONE.

Neesie & Mr. Wonderful encourage me to go ahead with original plan. I call mommy-to-be she's game for a later but shorter visit. I decide to beat beat beat beat the attitude (Thanks for the further encouragement Neesie while your hands are elbow deep in chicken)...push through and go ahead with the origianl plan only later.

*Attitude Defeated!

I am so glad I went. I had the best time with mommy-to-be, we talked babies, weddings, Jesus, chruch, football, family. It was great. I got to see baby boy on video - I already love him. Made my heart flutter to watch him moving and showing off in mommy-to-be's belly.

I got to go and spend all night(10:30pm-2:30am) helping Bride-to-be with wedding stuff as she was completely overwhelmed. I was so blessed by that and I think she was too. SO AWESOME!! I loved hanging with Bride-to-be, whom I hadn't seen in years and be able to be there for her!!! AWESOME!!

Attitude tries to beat me when my plans fall through
I can beat Attitude
I don't think I should be loved when I have attitude like that
I love my Neesie, Mr. Wonderful & my old friends(we have history and I love that)
I know what I dont want the days before my wedding to be like

Beating Attitude
Hanging with friends
Meeting baby boy
Blessing Bride-to-be

Sadly - NO pictures for any of this.

God is GOOD!!! I am not even that tired right now!!


The Hairston's said...

I loved reading this post!! Sorry to hear about the battery but love your great attitude! I'm glad your night ended up getting better!

God's Girl said...

Great job learning from your circumstances!

God is good. I agree.

All for Him,