Friday, September 09, 2005

Ok my friends...the week is coming to an attitude is slightly better...I have been able to get done the things that were detremental for my leaving tomorrow morning for Kentucky...I managed to get my attitude under control this morning when a co-worker smarted off about the amount of time I take off...I said nothing and walked out...I wanted to tell her that though it was none of her business...I have been here five years and get 3 weeks vacation...I used 5 days for camp...4 days for cruise...and am using 4 days for Kentucky...not to mention the extended hours I have been working since getting back from camp in June or the fact that I'll be working some while in Kentucky...I managed thus far to say none of those things...but to relenquish my attitute toward her and my small fear that she is going to ruffle feathers over it, to God...I know that it is because of Him that I am able and allowed to do all the wonderful things I get to do...and if it is His will that I am able to continue to do these things then there is nothing that the little busybody here can say to change that...this coworker has always driven me crazy...but I asked God today to help me to see her as He sees her...and it helped some...I still need to work on that and I asked for grace for her and it helped too...I still need to work there as well...but I am trying and seeing these things as they happen now where as before I never saw them until much later after I had alread sinned greatly toward the other I have grown...but I want to grow today is better than the others...I came in task oriented and did not even turn my computer on until I absolutely had to...and I got things done...hhhmmm...I need to remember that...I did manage to get packed last night...and the guys in my life would be extremely proud of me...I pack for a week in ONE suitcase...and it is not even my biggest go the challenge will be to get all my stuff back in that one suitcase at the end of the week...then and only then can I be considered a true "manly" you guys if you read need to brag I got packed last night...then sat on my bed and worked on invoices and watched TV...that is the longest amount of time I have spent in front of the TV in a good long while...I watched two episodes of Scrubs...I usually dont watch that one but I knew Jay Leno and Conan would come on that channel later and I didnt want to have to get up and mess up all my work to change the channel...crazy I know...anyway...2 episodes of scrubs...part of an episode of ER(was on the phone through some of it)...then guess what...the news came I HAD to get up and change the channel cause I hate watching the news...I read bits and pieces online but I cant sit and watch all that sad stuff and hear it over and over in the same I watched two episodes of Andy what a show...I really love dont have to worry about hearing things you shouldn't be listening to or seeing things you shouldn't be watching...and it teaches good that time I was finally done with my invoices and extremely exhausted and sleepy so I cleaned it all up...and decided NOT to move on to my second stack of invoices...and went to bed...phew what and evening huh...I did however, like watching TV while I worked...matching invoices is not a job you have to think a whole lot it made it pass is very monotonous and boring but hey somebody's gotta do it...anyway that was my evening...I got up this morning and got ready for work...finished packing the things I couldnt pack last night and a few others I my coloring book and crayons...that would have been terrible to forget was a close one...then I loaded down my car and headed to work...with a million and one things on my brain to get done...but here I sit at 11:41 with most all of it done...THANK YOU JESUS...YOU ARE THE the biggest thing I need to get done is some serious praying...I have slacked on my devotion time the past couple lost in the stress...and I wonder why I wasnt handling it very'd think we'd learn...but no we are idiots...well at least I am...but anyway...I need to find some time and get in my prayer journal and go to town on some things...I have read a couple chapters in Jeremiah today...the Word is so refreshing...even in Jeremiah...I just love God's Word...anyway so I am getting things done and the more I get done the better I feel...ok so Kentucky...we leave tomorrow morning at 7:00AM...yikes...can we say coffee am ready...ready to dive into ministry for 4 days...ready to work, play, hang out, eat, pray, worship, minister, pray, ready ready ready...I'll be doing a character...which is taking me OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE...but that is okay...I am ready...I am doing Kara's character and she does such a good job...I dont think I'll even come close to doing as good a job as she does...but at least I have something great to imitate!!!...that is very helpful for me...very...I hope it goes well...I cant wait to be there and see all the people and get started...ok well I had better get on to lunch...I may or may not update while in Kentucky...I dont want to spend alot of time one the computer while I am there...I want to enjoy the people I am with and nap I'll holla when I get back...pray for us...we want to see kids lives changed, healed, and we want them to know how much God loves you guys...I will miss you all!!!!

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