Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Whoa the things that are going through me right now...a multitude of things...most I cant and wont put words moving of the things I have heard from God this week has to do with music...well namely one of my favorite country bands...Rascal Flatts...Jen let me borrow her new CD...oh my goodness...I love it...I love their music the way they sound everything...but here's the kicker...I listened to it all day Monday...and by the time I got home I was super bummed...and I was thinking...when am I going to fall in love and get married...blah blah blah...the thing took my mind off God and put me in a mode where it was hard to focus on God and wait patiently for the things He has promised me...I dont need to be sitting around thinking oh poor pitiful me that hasnt happened to me yet or anything like that...God has spoken to me about music Kelly Clarkson her her gives a different view of love than God wants me to I dont listen to that one either...God hasnt said to me dont listen to secular music yet...but there are certain things he speaks to me about individual songs or groups and such...which could be His way of slowly weeding it all anyway in my conversation with God Monday night during my journaling/devotion time...we got me back on track that was a good thing...a really good I DO want to wait patiently for the things God has for me and not jump the gun for the things I want...what I want is not good enough...God knows whats best...well anyway...I so feel like for the past couple of days I havent been explaining things my words are not coming out right...I hope that is not the case here...I am so frustrated right now though...blah...anyway...God is teaching me so much...I just wish I could get a handle on it seems a bit overwhelming at this moment...but I know this moment will I'm pressing I'm going to go and keep pressing on...lata!

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